Reigning Top Zim Spinner for Mutare burnouts

Outgoing Zimbabwean spinning champion Cici Boy proves why he is the best in the business during his suicide death slide stunt where he sits on the door and leans out through the window whilst spinning the car at the same time.

Ngoni Dapira

THE current holder of the Zimbabwe Spinner of the Year title, Cici Boy, will be coming with his Ice Motors crew for the Mutare Burnouts slated for next week Saturday (8 April) at Raylton Sports club.

Boss Ice from Ice Motors spinning crew performing some daredevil stunts during a burnouts competition last year.
Cici Boy performing the spider stunt.

Ceci Boy, whose real name is Rusell Chirindo, together with his Ice Motors crew, one of the pioneering and leading spinning crews in the country last performed burnouts at Raylton last year in February.

The Harare based spinner became the reigning top spinner in the country after clinching the title at the 4th edition of the Zimbabwe Auto Festival held in Harare in August last year.

The adrenalin-rush sport of spinning is an extreme entertainment motor sport usually orchestrated by professional drivers and stuntmen in a safely barricaded area. The idea in burnouts is to keep the vehicle stationary while spinning its wheels, causing the tyres to heat up and smoke due to friction.

In spinning competitions, which are fast becoming popular nationally, spinners perform various daring and entertaining stunts showing off their dexterity behind the steering wheel.

In the 21st century, burnouts have grown to become internationally acclaimed as a serious form of competition and entertainment in their own right. The contestants are judged on crowd response.

Spokesperson for Ice Motors Kuziwa ‘Boss Ice’ Nkomo told Eastern Times that Mutare should brace for a show never seen before.

Daring stunts to look forward to during the Mutare burnouts.

There will be four spinners from Harare including man of the moment Cici Boy, Boss Ice, Fuzzy L and Lance, whilst prominent Mutare spinner Clyde Jani popularly known as C Jay of Mutare No Lose spinning team, will be a guest spinner.

“As Ice Motors we are not just spinning entertainers but we also specialise in BMWs, pimping and fixing rides (cars), so cars and spinning is our heart and soul. People in Mutare should come in their numbers to witness a new era of burnouts extravaganza,” said Boss Ice.

Boss Ice  said they will be using some powerful 2.9 litre stroked engines on their traditional BMW E30 Gusheshe rides, with a special performance lined up from a Ford Cotina V8 pimped ride that will be spinning daredevil stunts from gears one to four.

“We brought the first burnouts to Mutare in 2015, so Mutare is like home to us and we will want to maintain our record as pace setters in spinning circles,” he said.

Ceci Boy who has been spinning for three-years now said he was happy to see their vision growing of turning spinning into a nationally acclaimed entertainment motor sport in Zimbabwe.

(L-R) Ceci Boy and Boss Ice from the Harare based Ice Motors spinning crew.

“In Zimbabwe we now have about eight spinning teams including Clyde Jani’s Mutare No Lose team, though most teams are in Harare and Bulawayo. As Ice Motors we have held burnouts in most cities and have managed to spread and promote the entertainment motor sport countrywide since 2015. We have held shows in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Chitungwiza and Mutare. Regionally last year we performed at Mahem Stadium in South Africa and had a street-show in Lusaka, Zambia,” said Ceci Boy.

He said to attest the growth in popularity of the sport, burnouts arenas were now being constructed countrywide.

More daring burnouts stunts…Please do not try these stunts without professional training.

Ceci Boy said already in Harare and Mutare (Motoring Club) there were now functional burnouts arenas, whilst in Kwekwe and Bulawayo construction is underway.

“We also want to personally thank businessman Edwin Fundira. Boss Eddie is a pioneer in the growth of burnouts in Zimbabwe. He was ad still is our promoter who opened a lot of inroads for us to perform burnouts countrywide

Boss Eddie, the proprietor of BarCode Nightclub at Raylton Club was the first to bring burnouts to Mutare in 2015.



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