Telecel offers Data dongle bundle for students


Staff Reporter

TELECEL has announced a new sales promotion called Dongle Madness that slashes the price of its data dongle for the month of April.

The holiday promotion will give customers a dongle for $20 which will be bundled with one gigabyte of data with a validity period of one month. The offer is primarily targeted at students over the school holiday season.

Telecel Zimbabwe Communications and Branding Director, Mr. Obert Mandimika, said the offer was intended to make the data device more affordable for students as they do pursue their assignments over the holiday period.

“The Dongle Madness Students’ Holiday Promotion, as implied by the name, gives students the opportunity to secure a data dongle at $20 bundled with one gigabyte of data.

“Telecel has seen an increased interest and usage of data over the past months and our customers have been requesting for data related offerings and bundles.

“This Dongle Madness promotion meets the need for more affordable data and devices,” said Mr. Mandimika.

“This promotion foreshadows Telecel future plans to continue to unveil more affordable offerings to our customers. Telecel is working on more offerings and customers should expect more value and innovation in the coming weeks,” explained Mandimika.

The dongles on promotion are currently available in Telecel shops and their franchise shops nationwide.

Telecel recently unveiled Mega Boost a pre-paid voice and data combo package that offers its customers WhatsApp, voice, texts and data from as little as 50 cents. It also comes in combos for $1, $2, $5 and $10.


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