Mutare burnouts furore

A smashed window screen on one of the Ice Motors crew cars.Their pinning cars were wrecked n attempt to disrupt their burnouts show last Saturday at Raylton Club.

…Ice Motors crew unperturbed, the show went on

 Staff Reporter

THE highly anticipated Mutare burnouts at Raylton Club last Saturday were marred after a sinister plot to disrupt the show.

The wrecked Ice Motors crew cars with no windows being serviced before the burnouts.
The remnants of the greased courtyard which had to be thoroughly cleaned to make the arena suitable for spinning after bout 400 litres of used engine oil were poured on the courtyard.

Three of the four BMW E30 Gusheshe cars of the Ice Motors spinners were wrecked the night before on Friday at Miami Guest House in the medium density suburb of Yeovil whilst about 400 litres of used engine oil was poured on the burnouts courtyard at Raylton on the same night.

Ice Motors spokesperson Kuziwa ‘Boss Ice’ Nkomo said only their Ford Cotina V8 and their red BMW E30 were fortunately spared.

“One of our red Gusheshe car was spared because it was out at that time whilst the Ford Cotina was fortunate not to have been wrecked because I think the perpetrators must have been instructed to only wreck BMWs not knowing the Cotina was ours as well. They left all the other cars that were parked at Miami Guest House including the Ford Cotina and targeted our BMWs,” said Boss Ice.

Miami Guest House where the cars were wrecked.

All the windows of the cars were smashed and the tyres slit, damaging the pimped up chrome plated magnesium rims on some of the cars in the process.

Boss Ice said the damage on the cars and costs to clean up the greased burnouts courtyard were valued at US$6000.

However, regardless of the furore and plot to sabotage the show, Ice Motors were unperturbed and the show went on but started late after 2pm.

The crowd in attendance at the Mutare burnouts.

The attendance was low after there was fabricated news about cancellation of the event that reportedly spread like a veld fire around town, in another attempted to disrupt the show.

Shorty of Ice Motors in action in one of the stunts with reigning Zimbabwe spinning champion Cici Boy.

Reining top Zimbabwean Spinner Rusell ‘Cici Boy’ Chirindo was first to test the arena and proved why he is currently ranked the champion. Cici Boy clinched the title at the 4th edition of the annual Zimbabwe Auto Festival held in Harare in August last year.

He performed the spider stunt and his latest daredevil stunt spinning on the passenger side which drove the crowd into frenzy. After his first act he gave a moving speech to the crowd.

“We love you Mutare. We are spinning without windows because some haters tried to sabotage this show but we are here for you and the show must go on. We are born spinning entertainers and love what we do. This show is for the love of the game,” said Cici Boy who received a loud applause from the crowd after his speech.

The other three Ice Motors crew spinners Boss Ice, Fuzzy L and Lance went on afterwards executing their stunts perfectly to the thrill of the crowd. The burnouts ended around 9pm in the evening with some spectacular death defying stunts of spinning on rims, producing flaming sparks on the courtyard that drove the crowd wild in amusement.

Spinning action from the Mutare burnouts.

Mutare’s popular spinner Clyde ‘CJ’ Jani also had his stint as the guest spinner and executed his routine like a professional getting roaring support from the local fans.

The Harare based Ice Motors crew, one of the pioneering and leading spinning crews in the country, in a side interview said they intend to register with the Sports and Recreation Committee this year to professionalise the motor sport just like motocross and drag racing. Ice Motors were the first spinning crew to perform burnouts in Mutare in 2015.

Employees from the local tyre repair company Leon Tyres enjoy the brisk business from burnouts last Saturday after they were contracted to replace and fit tyres for all the spinning cars.

Promoter and BarCode proprietor Edward Fundira refused to comment much on what happened but just said it was a shame what happened to try and sabotage their show.

By Monday four culprits alleged to be behind the plot and furore had been arrested and detained at Mutare Central Police station for interrogation. The four were detained until Wednesday and were reportedly released on bail on Wednesday morning.

Attempts to get information and the names of the culprits from Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakowa were fruitless by time of going to press on Thursday as the police report had been reportedly withdrawn and all charges dropped.

On Saturday other burnouts at a different venue, Motoring Club in Mutare are expected to happen with popular Harare spinner Isaac ‘Fat Cat’ Mayor and his crew as well as some local spinners expected to headline the show.


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